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Equator is live and we couldn't launch it without your support. From all of us, we thank you and your teams from the bottoms of our hearts.

Like all platforms, more sellers attract more buyers and offers greater exposure for all hotels. We seek your support to share Equator with friends in the hospitality industry so that they can also benefit from tourism sector's 1st true b2b marketplace platform.

Just send your hotel friend's contact details and we'll do the rest. For each successful referral, you'll get a TB500 cash voucher..  The more referrals the more rewards!


Bonus TB500 voucher when 5 referred hotels successful sign up, meaning you get a total of TB3,000! When a hotel group is referred and successful, cash vouchers of up to TB20,000 is offered! 

Note: If you are based in other countries, value of shopping voucher will be converted to equivalent local currency.

Brief recap of Equator's unique features.

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Very low cost of sale

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Transparency of buyers

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1st mile engagement of customers

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Target marketing to reduce wastage

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Unique affiliate program with full control

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Cross Marketing to sell more

My Referrals

We will contact them to introduce Equator.

Thanks so much for your referrals!

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