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Travel, a necessity for business growth and today's lifestyles.


If you are a member of ASME Singapore, you may sign up now to enjoy immediate savings of up to SGD360.00!

Valid till 31 March 2024
Equinox, specially for SMEs

SMEs cannot negotiate better rates as they lack frequency or volume. The staff also do not get to enjoy better rates for personal travel. Time is of course another factor. Turning to public travel platforms, users also cannot negotiate for better rates. Accept the prices as they are or travel only during the promotional periods which usually do not match demand. Yet, majority of travellers continue to scout different sites for cheapest option.


In today's fast paced landscapes, travel for business can be a sudden call. Travel bugs bite more often with today's hectic lifestyles. Knowingly or unknowingly, cost of travel has increased and will escalate with ongoing global issues. When added together, it's no longer negligible. With the relentless rising inflation and costs of labor and materials, discretionary activities like travel may have to be sacrificed.


On the other hand, travel operators are interested in SMEs' business but the sector is just too big to cover. They can offer better prices when there are no intermediaries. Travellers find it tedious to navigate individual websites and return to travel platforms for convenience and for a one stop solution. Operators have to maintain their presence on these platforms but the high intermediary fees are costed into selling price. To us, it's a mismatch between buyers and sellers' needs and wants and lack of connection.

Membership comes with privileges

As an SME, travel operator and travellers ourselves, we understand the needs and challenges and created Equinox as a private travel platform to satisfy all parties' interests. Rates are pre-negotiated for SMEs' business and staff's personal travel. By pooling the potential travel volume, combined with its unique low-cost model, prices are kept lower than public travel sites. A tripartite arrangement that creates savings and benefits for all parties.


Despite a collective arrangement, each SME's identity is maintained and its staff databases are well protected. Preferential rates can be enjoyed all year round. Furthermore, we help you negotiate with travel operators whenever you have volume or specific events.  The platform is stacked with useful features to enhance customers' buying power and unlock sellers' brand values. Such are the privileges of an Equinox membership.

Transparency and Zero Policy

Rates are special and direct* from operators.. As a platform provider, we do not mark up on the rates, equivalent to a direct purchase. Buyers' company's profiles are shared with operators for stronger recognition and more rewards in the future. 

*these operators carry the label "DIRECT".

Our Connecting Series further provide:

  • Group rates for small groups upwards and events like team building, retreat, meetings and so on.

  • Hotels' F&B and banquet offers, for business entertainment or leisure use.

  • Private rate negotiations whenever you have volume, events or special needs.

  • East multi destination search and book

Individual or Enterprise account 

Effortless and automated implementation.

Select individual sign-up format for staff or an enterprise account for internal self sign-up. Enterprise accounts are rewarded annually with prizes such as free travel products based on total volume booked. Each type of set up comes with a small one time joining fee.

Good for business and personal travel expense

Our unique model ensures better rates and benefits. Platform serves your business or personal travel and entertainment needs 24/7.  In challenging and unpredictable times, every saving matters and can be put to better use.


Preferred user format
Number of staff

Thanks for your application. We will be in touch if more information are required. Please check your spam box for notification and update.

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