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Windows of Opportunities & Benefits for Buyers
*T&C applies for benefits

Marketplace for all industries and segments in tourism

(Including those directly related to Tourism)

Welcome to Equator as a buyer for your company's business and staff travel (business or personal)! We are a curated marketplace for sellers and buyers providing transparency, direct rates, engagement, collaboration and intelligence. The onboarding process for buyers are simple and appropriate by type of business and purpose of use. There are 3 basic steps:



Register online and provide necessary information. We will verify your industry and business segment and might contact you if we need more information.


For sales intermediaries such as travel agents, please upload your trading licenses to expediate process. For company wanting to enjoy Staff ID rates, we would require contact person for HR matters.


Receive your log in credentials, assign other users and roles in our company and start trading!

Why an Equator account for buying?

Image by Marc Schulte

True marketplace model means the sellers and buyers know each other. This creates the basis of partnership, business growth and loyalty.

Image by Afif Ramdhasuma
Direct Rates

There is zero mark up to seller's rates and we do not charge sellers any sales commisson too.. You get direct B2B Best Available Rates (B2B BAR) based on your industry and business segment from sellers.

Image by Jeremy Wong Weddings
Married Deals

If you have certain volume, or purpose you can initiate a private rate negotiation with the seller. Once agreed, the private rate is set up only for you to view and book. 

Image by Omar Lopez
GIT Business

Invite quotes for your groups and events. Send your confirm group details direct and manage all information on one platform. 

Image by Fabio Comparelli
Industry Staff ID

All companies can enjoy Industry ID rates for personal travel.  This offers savings and benefits for business or personal travel.

Image by Matyas Prochy

Set up your branches and subsidiaries into one account with different viewership, reports and so on.

Image by Jess Bailey
Packages & Promotions

Ready built packages with direct pricing from suppliers let you promote to customers effortlessly. Just add your margins and go.

Image by Markus Spiske

Connect with us via our API  to pull data and send bookings seamlessly to sellers. 

Excited Traveler
One Platform

Phased activation for different travel products and services starting with accommodation followed by flights, activities and tours.

Image by David Dvořáček
Easy Payment

Buy in your local or designated currency. Pay using wide range of methods: credit cards, bank remittance to modern e-wallets and instant payment apps.

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Reports & AI

Comprehensive booking summaries and analytics to identify business opportunities to grow your business.

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Buy & Sell

Join the marketplace as a seller. Lower cost of sale, bigger market place and wider distribution.

Any cost for Buyers to join?

Joining fee is waived for all buyer companies until further notice. All buyers enjoy un-intercepted direct rates and benefits from sellers in your local or designated currency.  When you register as buyer now, you also enjoy free use of modules worth over USD260.00*!

Payment Methods & Fees

No booking fees, only a small collection fee depending on the payment method. Payment methods include a floating deposit, interbank transfer. local or regional e-wallets and instant payment app, and all international credit cards. More details provided after your application.

*T&C Applies
Who Should Apply?
All companies in these industries and segments are welcome as buyers for business or for staff travel.
Airplane Wing
Duty Free
Airline CRS/GDS
Airport VIP services

Image by Cory Bjork
All operators & owners
Guest House

Image by Daniela Araya
National Parks

Theme Parks
Image by Clay Banks
Banks (with travel programs)
Payment Networks
Payment solutions (for tourism industry)
Image by Austin Distel
Travel Media
Multi media
Marketing Services
Image by Christina Victoria Craft
Coach & Tourist Bus
Car Rental

Tourist Trains
Ground transport
Image by Gaelle Marcel
Travel Services
Travel Agency
Tour Operator

MICE Organisers

Image by Brett Wharton
Associations & Authorities
Trade Associations
Tourism Offices
Professional Clubs
Aviation & Travel authorities and agencies
Image by Sigmund
Tourism Schools
Training centers
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