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Windows of Opportunities for Business
Privileges & Benefits for Travel & Tourism Personnel

Marketplace for all industries and segments in tourism

(companies related to travel & tourism may also apply)

We welcome all companies and individuals in travel & tourism companies:

Sign up for a B2B Business account.

Sign up as individual or company account for staff's personal travel travel.


Image by Marc Schulte

Buyers' profiles are shared with sellers for better relationships.

Image by Fabio Comparelli
Industry Rates

All  personnel can enjoy Industry ID rates for personal travel.  A strong privilege for the industry.

Image by Afif Ramdhasuma
Direct Rates

Zero mark up to buyers, Rates & offers are direct from operators.

Image by Matyas Prochy

Set up your branches and subsidiaries into one account with different viewership, reports and so on.

Image by Jeremy Wong Weddings
Married Deals

Private rate negotiations and rates set up into system to book,

Image by Jess Bailey

Ready built packages to take to market.

Image by Omar Lopez
Group Business

Invite quotes for MICE or leisure groups.

Image by Markus Spiske

Connect with us via our API  to pull data and send bookings seamlessly to sellers. 

Any cost to join?

Zero cost to join for travel and tourism companies and personnel.

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