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Travel: Today and Tomorrow

Frustrated with the rising cost of practically everything including travel? Will it get more expensive? With the relentless rise in inflation, labor and material costs,, things will get more expensive. The price increase in travel can be more severe as it's a sector largely dominated by sales intermediaries and every party needs to cover its own rising costs.

Income on the other hand does not rise in tandem. More people seek multiple income streams if they have the job flexibility and time to leverage other options. Passive income is useful and effective especially when it syncs with your profession or lifestyle. It is meaningful when you can also help others save, travel expenses in this instance. Equinox Buddy just might be the perfect solution for you!

Self paid vacations made possible by Equinox!
The 'super charged' Buddy can earn free trips to places like London and beyond annually.

About Equinox


Equinox is powered by Equator of Travel Trade Marketplace, part of Chan Brothers group of travel companies since 1963. Equinox is the platform for organisations outside travel & tourism sectors.

Its revolutionary business model helps everyone save more on travel because:  1. Prices are not markup to buyers. 2: Sellers are charged only a small system booking fee which equates up to 80% savings of normal sales commissions. Without intermediary fees, sellers can price lower by passing on their commission savings to customers.

To prevent price war, Equinox is operated as a membership platform, not opened to the public.  

In addition to lower prices, additional features such as price negotiations, group rates, hotels' F&B offers and many more unique features are available to its members.

Image by NEOM
Image by NEOM
Image by NEOM

A new passive income made possible by Equinox. 

About Equinox Buddies

Save more for own travel and get rewarded when others book!

A new passive income model when you refer contacts to join the private portal that we power for each Buddy. At the same time enjoy travel at lower cost for yourself and love ones. Rewards of cash & e-vouchers add up into self-paid vacations! The Equinox Buddy program is crafted for non-travel professionals, no experience need and no responsibilities. Just share the good news of travel at lower costs.

Note: Buddies are not allowed to advertise or promote to strangers. It is not intended to be a mass marketing program as it loses exclusivity,

Basic Role of Equinox Buddies

Use the portal for personal travel and invite relatives and friends to join your portal.

Share Equinox's unique business model (printed material provided). Hep them enjoy travel at lower costs. 90% of customers make price comparisons before purchase. When they see Equinox's prices are lower, they will book and you are rewarded.

You do not handle any customer services, fulfilment, collection, other communication or negotiations. All matters will be managed by our Customer Care team.

Personalised Cobranded Private Travel Portal
Mobile friendly

How It Works

Buddies get a personal branded portal with photo, name and country for better recognition. Send invites via the portal links to social medias  to your contacts.  Your contacts upon registration will receive e-membership card and welcome E-Vouchers. They can then access the portal, manage personal information, change passwords, book and view history of booking. Their registrations and  bookings are tagged to your Buddy account for tracking and calculation of rewards.

Members pay their own purchases online. You do not handle any cash and are not liable for any monetary matters. The portal is fully secure and accepts registrations from all countries and accepts 7 international credit cards and regional e-wallets. Cash Wallet contains sponsored cash vouchers which can be used for payment of bookings. Members receive our monthly newsletter and they can use the online helpchat or email us for assistance 24/7.

Your E-Vouchers record that can be used for bookings

Important Notes:

* Bookings include all travel products (hotels, attraction tickets, land tours), flights are excluded,.

^Group bookings rewards are tabulated separately.

^ Group booking rewards is based on minimum value S$5,000 and above booked and paid (via Connecting Pax or offline).

**Cash is Singapore Dollars and subject to currency exchange at point of payment. Subject to minimum amount for remittance. 

'E - Vouchers' are e-cash that can be used to pay for bookings but are non convertible to cash and non-interest bearing. 

Equinox Provides

Buddy's Rewards

1.   Equinox Buddy's co-branded private travel portal.

2   Online help chat (on portal) for online support.

3.  Dedicated email ( for all matters.

4.  Group quotations and price negotiations.

5.  Monthly newsletter to registered members.

6.  Personal e-membership card for all members.

7.  Live registration reports and E-Vouchers.

8.  Online referral system via social medias. 

1.  Welcome S$30 E- Voucher and S$20 cash** to new buddies.

2. SGD50 E-Voucher for every 30 registered unique members.

3. SGD200 E-Voucher for every S$5,000 worth of bookings* (includes your own bookings) whenever its achieved.

4. SGD100 cash** for each group^ booking confirmed.

5. SGD5.00 E-Voucher for every review submitted by members selected to be published.

6. Cash** rewards are processed on monthly basis.  E-Vouchers are instant reward as tracked by system.

Requisites for Buddies

Limited positions per country!

  • Travel is a passion.

  • You are outgoing, enjoy interactions with people and enriching others.

  • If you have a current job, it allows you to join other company's activities or schemes.

  • You do not have bankruptcy or criminal records.

  • You have a circle of contacts including customers, relatives, relatives, friends and colleagues who can be invited.


An orientation and guidelines will be provided. Buddies are responsible for personal income tax and receiving remittance fees if any.

This opportunity is ideal for young retirees, housewives, senior students, free lance influencers, social media buffs and self-employed in properties, insurance, brokers and so on. No prior experience required. It is not an employment although a contract is required. An orientation and guidelines are provided. Appointees are responsible for any personal income tax and receiving remittance fees. 

Note: all applicants will be screened. Equinox reserves all rights to decline any applications deemed unsuitable.

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