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Empowers your business

About Equator

We are a B2B marketplace platform for the tourism sector, enabling all companies from different industries and segments to trade with each other more effectively and efficiently. There is something for everyone regardless of location, size and business. Some of the platform's key features include:


Qualified eco-system of buyers and sellers, by location, industry and segment for direct sales engagement 


Full transparency, between buyers and sellers, forms stronger business relationships, growth and loyalty. Converts opportunity costs into direct business.


Zero mark up; zero sales commission model ensures true cost to all players in the supply chain, more sustainable distribution.


The negotiation tool helps all parties initiate private deals based on mutually agreed volume and schedule. 

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Segmented business model tackles individual market's purchasing power, unlocks true potential from each market & industry.


B2B Best Available Rates (B2B BAR) for different industries, such as Industry ID for personal travel, mobility Plan for long stay travellers,, multi-Stay search and book, amongst its various engagement tools. 

Globalization concept

Self manage mobile responsive whitelable solution to convert offline customers to online bookings on your direct rate. Open source API for online buyers.  

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Transactional AI and custom analytics for better business decisions.

Our Goal

Empower your business

Empower your business by driving more direct sales with more cost effective solutions. Equator is developed as a common marketplace to expand sales coverage, direct engagement, distribution, faster collection and more precise marketing. It provides better management of the supply chain and uses transactional data for better decisions. Travel is a diverse consumer activity, highly purpose driven but have low purchase frequency. Therefore we create a more target approach that addresses individual market's buying powers, anticipate buying patterns and buying behaviors to ensure the right products and services are marketed into the right places at the right time and price.

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"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

Mark Twain

More Sustainable Results

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Stronger Productivity


Higher Profits

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Lower Acquisition Cost

Market Share.png

Better Market Share

Market engagement.png

Direct Engagement

Lower cost.png

Lower Distibution Costs

Digital Distribution.png

Better ROI

Market intelligence.png

Useful Intelligence

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Less Digital Wastage

Young Traveller

Weekly Demo for Hotels

Available weekly 10am Friday from 7 April

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Image by Alexandre Pellaes

Launch in Bangkok

2 Hotels' Sessions: 20 April 2023 Thursday

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Online Meeting

Available weekdays 13:00 to 18:00

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