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Experience the difference

B2C - travel industry personnel
B2B - Travel & Tourism sectors
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B2B2C - other sectors
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Computer Programming
Single sign-up, multi-sectors' play

At fingers' touch, system permutes your one rate plan into different selling prices for different markets, industries and business segments. Caters to more business needs, better penetration and higher ROIs.


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True e-commerce model

Transparency between buyers and sellers. Zero markup to buyers, zero sales commissions to sellers. Lower cost of sales. Lower costs of travel. Controlled exposure. More sustainable online sales.

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Intra & inter industries collaboration

We create more partnerships intra and inter industries. Achieve more while spending less. Our unique business model unlocks brand values and existing resources. 

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Empowering businesses

Our platforms are built to expand market coverage, penetration, 1st mile engagement, direct distribution and targeted marketing via resource sharing and connectivity between partners created by us.

Sellers develop more client relationships, direct sales and lower acquisition costs.  Buyers enjoy genuine offers, accurate content, recognition and rewards from sellers.

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"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

Mark Twain

Corporate Enquiries & Partnerships

Private travel portal for staff personal or business use.

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Personal Travel Privileges

Privileges for travel and tourism personnel.

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Sales Solutions for Hotels

Solutions for online, B2B sales, staff travel and more.

Young Traveller

For all personnel in travel & tourism to enjoy industry rates & privileges for personal travel.

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