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Empowers your business

About Equator

We are a true B2B marketplace where all tourism companies across all 9 industries and business segments can trade securely, efficiently and direct with each other. All tourism personnel can also enjoy travel benefits direct from travel operators worldwide.

Our unique proprietary Market Segmented Pricing (MSP) System gives sellers full control over supply chains, engagement and pricing by regions/countries, industries and business segments of priority. Buyers get to establish direct relationship with sellers regardless of location, size or volume of business. 

These powerful commercial models will drive your business towards better profitability and sustainability: zero mark-up zero sales commission, low transaction fees and 1st-mile engagement activities.

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Proprietary Market
Segmented Pricing System
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0% Sales
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1st Mile

Other key features include:


Qualified eco-system of buyers by industries & segments


Full transparency, between buyers and sellers. 


True price model ensures true cost to buyers

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Yield optimisation tools,

private rate negotiations, group


Globalization concept

DIY Whitelabel solution

& profit sharing.

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Transactional analytics & marketing solutions.

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Empower your business


Empower your business by driving more direct sales with more cost effective solutions. Equator is built to expand market coverage and penetration, direct engagement, distribution, faster collection and more precise marketing. It offers better management of the supply chain and uses transactional data for better marketing and pricing decisions. Travel is a diverse consumer activity, highly purpose driven and low in purchase frequency. Its targeted approach addresses market's buying powers, anticipates buying patterns and behaviors to ensure the right products are marketed at the right time, price and place.

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"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

Mark Twain

More Sustainable Results

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Stronger Productivity


Higher Profits

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Lower Acquisition Cost

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Better Market Share

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Direct Engagement

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Lower Distibution Costs

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Better ROI

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Useful Intelligence

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Less Digital Wastage

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Weekly Extranet Training for Hotels

Available weekly 11am SIN time

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Sign Up - Individual or Company

For all personnel & companies in tourism sector

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Free Trial for hotels

Experience our hotels' extranet and explore the tools

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