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Health is wealth indeed.
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Body & Wellness Programs

About our partner RAKxa


‘RAKxa’ derives from Thai root word (RAHK-sah, รักษ) meaning to conserve, to guard, to cherish, and to heal, which reflect our concept: to prevent illness, sustain good health, promote healing.

RAKxa is an integrative wellness that will help you to define your own health goals and design your own personal wholeness journey using RAKxa’s Integrative Diagnostics and & RAKxa’s Integrative Solution. The centre is situated about an hour from the city fronting the Chao Phraya River,

RAK     has been inspected and endorsed by Equinox.
Testaments of Excellence

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Four Programs at RAKxa Integrative Wellness Bangkok to improve your precious body & soul this summer.
Questionnaire will be arranged and personalised itinerary based on physical attributes proposed pre-trip. Free online medical consultations available.
1. Sense of RAKxa

Intensive 4D/3N program

2. Personalised Program

Caters individual needs & conditions

3. Rebalance Program

Anchors a balanced body.

4. Detox Program

Cleanse to start afresh.

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4D / 3N

ideal for those who lack time yet need to experience and understand the right basics of health enhancement and care.


Activities included in the program

Program details:

Sense of RAKxa Programme

Sense of RAKxa Programme is designed for restoring and rebalancing your health by the integration of the ancient wisdom of various branches of traditional medicine and the state-of-the-art procedures of modern science to allow you to obtain optimal well-being within three days.

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Your posture analysed

Personalised Program

4D / 3N

When it is about individual health, one’s health concerns differ from another as each has different lifestyle, needs, beliefs and preferences, especially when it is about staying healthy. This is where an individual’s health shall be uniquely treated. RAKxa’s Personalised Program provides a tailor-made solution to help you achieve your specific health goal. With our comprehensive range of diagnostics and healing methods, you will be presented with numbers of healing possibilities to match your precise needs, just the way you want it.

Activities included in the program

Progam details:

Select 3 Holistic Treatments here:
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6D / 5N

The Rebalance Program helps bring back your equilibrium of health facets. The programme aims to rebalance your physical and mental stability, brain and body coordination, chakra alignment, the flow of vital energy, gut-brain axis and overall health.

The integrative approach in the programme consists of mindful exercises and various treatments, including Tai Chi, suspension exercise using neuromuscular activation technique, energy healing, Ayurvedic massage, acupuncture and traditional Thai herbal bath ritual. Furthermore, oxygen therapy and the intravenous infusion of antioxidant-rich formula will restore your body functions at a cellular level.


Activities included in the program

Progam details:


Detox Program

6 to 11 Days programs

Detox Program aims to purify your body based on the lore of alternative medicine and enhance toxin removing mechanisms in the sense of biology. Draws on therapeutic abdominal massage in combination with clinical colon hydrotherapy to increase the clearance of metabolic wastes, and traditional medicine procedures involving the use of herbal preparation, acupuncture, cupping, and massages in collaboration with scientifically proven cold and oxygen therapy to improve the circulation of blood and lymphatic system to enhance the removal of toxins and impurities.


Personalised meal plans are also important elements in our Detox programmes to sustain the benefits throughout the duration of your stay in the peaceful surroundings of RAKxa   .

Activities included in the program

Progam details:

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Included in all programs and packages at RAKxa Wellness.

The layout and function of the villas are ergonomically designed by doctors to create a safe and comfortable resting space for everyone. The bed’s height is set to no higher than 70cm which is safe and comfortable for human use, especially for elderly guests or those with back or joint pain and injuries. Natural materials such as hypoallergenic cotton silk bedsheets are chosen, with a choice of six pillow types for our guests to choose from (contour massage, cervicalopedic, classic natural latex, buckwheat, companion, and memory foam), all are made from natural materials. The organic selection of amenities made from high-quality natural materials designed by Thai local brands embraces the idea of giving back to the local community. Our rooms are decorated with earth tones, creating a calm and serene atmosphere. The soft fabrics and blackout curtains are installed throughout the villas so that our guests can enjoy a peaceful and undisturbed night’s rest. The landscape comes with a ‘Botanical Wellness Journey’ concept, surrounded by lush trees and a lake to calm the mind and let nature radiate its healing power. In the morning, guests can wake up to a private garden filled with indigenous flowers letting the sun nourish their skin with essential Vitamin D before dipping in the salt-water pool to refresh and revive. Each stone in the private green area is carefully chosen to ensure it is round and in the right shape so you can walk barefoot on it and feel the smooth pressure on your feet, stimulating blood flow and relaxing your muscles.

Terms & Conditions of all package prices

◦  Prices are in Singapore Dollars, per person basis, pay in full for confirmed booking.

◦  Rates are subject to change if local taxes are changed.

◦  Rates are based on Garden Villa accommodation.

◦  Confirmed bookings are non cancellable and non-refundable.

◦  Inclusive of wellness meals: 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners.

◦  Not inclusive of any recommended add-on treatments or sessions.

◦  Proposed itinerary may differ due to personalisation based on physcial conditions and accepted recommendations.

◦  Subject to availability of villas during reservation.

◦  Pre & post extension of stay, at other hotels, available.

◦  Arrangement of flights available at no handling fees.

◦  Consultations by certified professionals and personal reviews are free and can be arranged prior to booking.

◦  Prices are inclusive of 17% taxes and subject to change if local taxes are amended by authorities.

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