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True Thai Hospitality

Thai Hospitality: Deep in its roots

Thai people culturally value serenity and peace and avoid conflicts if all possible. Putting on a smile is perhaps an immediate response to defuse a difficult situation. Traditional customs are still practiced in much of everyday lives. Deep Buddhism beliefs form the pillars of personal attitude and interpersonal behaviors. One of Buddhism's main virtues, filial piety, is deeply grounded in its social fabrics and especially to elders in Thai context. The love and respect for people deeply ingrained from its roots, make Thai hospitality a natural trade. 

Yet the Thai nation is not devoid of conflicts but its people have learned to cope each crisis with stronger resolution. It has become one of the more resilient nations in the world. Its sheer size, multi faceted cultures, backgrounds, and challenges, Thai people evolved to be more creative and ingenious in overcoming obstacles.  

Many international hotels have operated in Thailand for many years and provided many jobs for locals. Thai people who worked in these foreign managed hotels have worked hard and are well trained. Many moved on to join local Thai hotel companies, taking senior roles and are able to impart their knowledge and experience to more locals. Add their characteristics into the mix, they make perfect hosts of true hospitality throughout the country. Today, Thai hospitality is on firm footings as tourism sector is Thailand second largest and most important industry. Many are exploring ways to be more sustainable and they truly deserve our support and further encouragement to make Thai hospitality amongst the best internationally.  

Best times to visit Bangkok

Average temperature and expected rain between November to February in Bangkok:

Month           High/Low (C)     Average Rainfall

November      32° / 24°           5 days

December      32° / 22°           0 days

January          32° / 22°           1 day

February        33° / 24°           1 day

Public Holidays in Thailand


5   Dec    Tuesday         King Bhumibol's Birthday/Father's Day

10 Dec    Sunday          Constitution Day

11 Dec    Monday         Substitute Holiday for Constitution Day

31 Dec    Sunday          New Year's Eve

1   Jan     Monday         New Year's Day

24 Feb    Saturday        Makha Bucha

26 Feb    Monday          Day off for Makha Bucha

Expect the city, trains and roads to be much quieter but most malls will be still be crowded.


What's new in Bangkok since the pandemic?

When was your last visit to Bangkok or you have yet to experience this city of everything possible? Many popular malls and buildings are newly renovated or at least had some form of facelifts. Similarly many hotels had taken the pandemic closure to renovate and rejuvenate their offerings. So it's a good time to enjoy the newness of this city.  Many will remember one of the oldest malls: MBK Center or simply Ma Boon Khrong. It is still around but you don't find anymore the crowded walkways on each floor. New retail outlets like Don Don Donkie had moved in while many individual shops have changed hands. Throughout the city, you would find many new constructions which implies the city is back on its vibrancy.  Several new BTS stations have been added and you can view more of the outskirts just by staying on the train. Needless to say, the more populated areas like Silom, Paragon, Siam Square, Pratunam, Central World, Nana, Asoke and Phrom Pong and even further afar like On Nut; also along Sukhumvit, have only become more popular crowded as shopping, dining and entertainment hubs. Tourists are seen venturing further out of the city in their quest for more local experiences. Many of these mentioned places are not just popular for tourists but locals too. You are likely to be in shoulder to shoulder with the locals after office hours and weekends. Restaurants and cafes are a local rage and many new ones have sprung up in recent years while many old favorites are still around. Suddenly it seems like the pandemic never happened. But this is what Bangkok has been all about all these years. The city never sleeps as it only gets better.

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