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An enterprising passive income for tour guides.

Good things should be shared. Resources are scarce and co-sharing expediate success and rewards. The Equator Travel Ambassador program is about connecting resources and sharing the rewards of better rates and benefits for travel worldwide as well as generating an ancillary income for our ambassadors.


We welcome our to-be ambassadors to this guideline before contracts are signed. 

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About the Company

About the Portal

Role of Ambassadors


Hotels, Flights, Attraction tickets, Tours, Travel services (in order of products going live on platform.

Collection & Payment Service


User format

Closed community portal requiring registration and ID/Password to access portal.


Not subject rate parity against public travel sites. Non-mark up pricing to buyer (for Direct sellers) and low transaction fees charged to sellers. 

Travel Trade Marketplace Pte Ltd.

Licensed travel company by STB (TA03273) and is part of the Chan Brothers group of travel companies operating in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. 

Titled as Equator Travel Ambassador

Contracted as 'promoters' of the company to promote their assigned private travel portal to relatives and friends. Appointees are on affiliate contract basis and are not employees and cannot negotiate or contract for the company.

The merchanism is via a cobranded portal between Equator and the Promoter accorded the title or Ambassador. All bookings into this cobranded site are tracked and rewards accorded to the ambassador.

Rewards are 100% based on share of net profits earned and rewarded after products are consumed. Monthly booking reports are sent to each Ambassador and payment of profit share on monthly up to quarterly basis depending on amount,

All bookings are contracted between buyer and the company. Ambassadors do not provide customer service, fulfilment of bookings and are not financially liable such as collection or refunds.

Ambassadors are expected to be truthful and not misrepresent the company and portal in any ways that differ from the training and guidelines provided.

Applicants need to complete a training session and agree on the guidelines prior to official appointment.

Online for FIT bookings and offline for special enquiries.

Online payment for FIT bookings and can be offline for group bookings.

Promoters are discouraged from promoting the portal to the customers of travel companies that they are contracted to serve as tour guide for their tour activities.

Key Conditions






Must have valid tour guide license approved by relevant authorities.

Either party can terminate agreement with a one month's notice without reasons.

All customer information and transaction data are subject to local privacy policies.

Monthly up to quarterly basis depending on value of payout.

Presented during orientation session.

Interested to know more? 

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