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F&B Reservations

1st mile marketing to our customers who are booking rooms and other customers who are based in the hotel's location. Set your promo period, offer, terms & conditions and publish on Equator, Equinox and Tourism-ID sites that reaches out to different business segments.

System sends customers' reservations with contact details to the hotel. Confirm the reservations and collect from customers after their dining. Take orders of other F&B sales such as hampers and valentine chocolates or a banquet event for birthdays, anniversaires and even weddings.

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Participation fees of Connecting Pax

Subscription fee per annum hotels signed up from 1 June 2024

(Existing hotels selling rooms are waived).

Collection & Payment Service

Customer pay direct to restaurants

Subscription Fee

1 restaurant


2 restaurants


3 & more


General Terms & Conditions


1. Decide offers based on your business needs.

2. Set your own promo period, terms and conditions and close out periods.

3. Activate your offers which is published concurrently in all platforms.

4. Collaborate with your rooms divisions to create F&B offers to guests booking rooms. 

Terms & Conditions

1. We recommend flexibility in postponement, cancellation and no-shows unless it's over super peak periods like Christmas, Valentined etc.

2. No restrictions to number of offers over any period.

3. Subscription fees are paid in advance based on number of outlets promoted.

Definitions of Reservation Status in System





Seller's quotation has been sent to buyer so that seller is aware.

Buyer has signed group contract and completed payment (both parties are updated).

Buyer is no longer organsing the event (both parties are aware).

Buyer has selected any buyer, destination or service provider or no longer responding (seller and buyer are aware). Reason will be provided if available from buyer.

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