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Enjoy F&B and banquet offers from hotel restaurants when not travelling. When travelling, even if you are not staying in the hotel, you can still enjoy its F&B offers, 

Hotels already participating in room sales can extend F&B offers to customers when booking rooms. 1st mile engagement is more successful than trying to entice the customer when inhouse.

Our customers can still make reservations even when there are no promotions. 

Free participation for all hotels contracted with us for room sales.

Image by Jay Wennington

View F&B and Banquet Offers

Enter Connecting Taste to view which hotels have F&B offers by cities. Then visit the hotel page to place your reservation.


Confirmation direct from restaurant

After you send your booking, hotel will confirm your reservation via email.

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Enjoy and pay direct to the restaurant

Record of all enquiries and monitor status of each enquiry.


Hotels' F&B offer

Zero mark up to buyers. Very small handling fee to sellers. Transparency between buyers and sellers for better relationship and business growth.

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Be as tactical as your business needs.

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