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Get better rates for meeting, events or simply a leisure group as long it involves 8 or more persons. 

Objective is customers get the best deals from all operators direct at a finger's touch and for operators to attend to all enquiries effectively and efficiently. 

When enquiry is confirmed, a group contract is signed between buyer and seller. Buyer pays direct to seller. If collection and payment service is required, a 2% admin fee is charged to buyer and seller each for currency exchange and payment gateway fees.

Customer care is always available to assist 24/7! 

Making Enquiry

Fields are auto filled based on our profile and add additional contacts. 



Enquire for any type of group event, Fields are easy to fill or select. 


History and Status

Record of all enquiries and monitor status of each enquiry.


Costs & Payment

Zero mark up to buyers. Small admin fee from just 1% to sellers. Transparency between buyers and sellers for better relationship and business growth.

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