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Applies to all EQUATOR, EQUINOX, TOURISM-ID members

1.  All registered users of one of these travel portals are termed as members.

2. Members need to show the portal's issued e-membership card upon request by travel operators.

3. Privileges and benefits of all portals are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

4. Members may be subject to re-qualification upon expiry of memberships as stated on the membership card. 

5. Members must be present to enjoy all privileges and benefits. Travel operators reserve the right to deny any special rates and benefits if the member is not present.

6. Approved users should protect their log in credentials from third parties and change passwords regularly.

7. All bookings are subject to the rate and booking policies of each rate plan and travel operator.

8. Cash Wallet is for prepaid values extended to member and can only be used to offset payment of bookings. It is non-interest bearing and can be cashed out when unused.

9. Program reserves all rights to amend terms and conditions, reject applications or revoke any issued memberships if found later to be in conflict of interest.

10. Cash Vouchers are subject to specific terms, are non exchangeable for cash, non transferable and non-interest bearing.

11. Cash Vouchers may be subject to more specific terms depending on the issuer and/or sponsor.

12. No refund for unused portions of cash voucher and once redeemed the unused value automatically expires.

Note: These terms apply to all cobranded programs labelled Equator, Equinox and Tourism-ID.

Please contact us if you require any clarifications:
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