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Shop Win Bangkok Campaign

Valid for hotel stays in Bangkok from 16 Nov 2023 to 29 Feb 2024 inclusive.

1. Campaign is valid for selected hotels stay from16 November 2023 to 29 February 2024 inclusive.

2. Shopping vouchers extended for minimum 2 nights' stay for featured hotels booked, per room per booking.

3. Collect shopping vouchers upon check in at hotel or at the retail outlet as indicated.

4. Shopping vouchers are transferable and may have expiry date if stated on the voucher.

5. Vouchers are not exchangeable for cash and no replacements if lost.

6. Subject to other terms and conditions stated on the voucher by each retail outlet.

7. Voucher values are in Thai Baht and valid for use at outlets accepted by the retailer.

8. Cash Wallet top-up, if applicable for selected partners, are in local currency.

9. Cash wallet has no expiry and can be used for future bookings.

10. Campaign not applicable to staff and partners of campaign.

11. Equator/Equinox reserves the right to replace outlets of shopping vouchers with another retailer as necessary. 

12. For further enquiries, please email





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