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Island Series - Thailand

Thailand boasts over 1,400 islands and majority are uninhabited. The largest being Phuket and most popular but if you seek places that are closer to nature, unspoilt environments and less crowd, there are several to consider. 

The Island Series of Thailand offers destinations that are ideal for visitors and bring unique experiences. Places that the locals are familiar and enjoy.  When visiting these islands, you also experience the beauties of Thai culture, food and hospitality, the same elements that make Thailand a top sought after destination to visit.


Surin Island (Ko Surin Nuea)

South Western Thailand, off cost of Pang Nga Province, 160km from Phuket


Surin Islands is about 4.71 sq km, about 7 times the size of Sentosa Island in Singapore. It consists of two islands, Ko Surin Nuea and Ko Surin Tai, separated by a channel about 660 ft wide that becomes dry at low tide. It is home to just a couple hundred natives known as Moken or Morgan people ('sea people or sea gypsies).  Crystal clear waters and abundant sea life are not the only attractions, there are many species of birds and faunas not found elsewhere.

Local sea transportation is available from Krabi, Khao Lak, Koh Tai and Phuket ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Day tours are available but visitors seeking a better island experience should consider the overnight packages​. There is an arrival fee of Baht500 per person valid for 5 days to the National Parks for maintenance of the islands.


Ideal snorkeling spots around the Surin Islands for either beginners or advanced snorkeling. Surin Islands are a haven of peace large schools of reef fish and for ocean giants such as whale sharks and manta rays or napoleon which can occasionally be observed flying majestically in the blue. Koh Surin is also frequented by sea turtles which are often spotted and come to lay down their eggs on the white sandy beaches framing the islands.

up to 4 species of turtles can be spotted especially between between February to April alongside mantle rays and wahle sharks. Lots of other sea life like Kuhl's maskrays, giant morays, boxfishes, trevallies, puffers, butterflyfishes and many more are around  all year.


Two camp sites with tents or private air-con bungalows, managed by the National Forest Parks and available for visitors overnight stays.

Tents come with sleeping tent, mat, pillows and towels while air conditioned bungalows  that can accommodate up to 4 persons offer private room and toilet facilities. Bungalows are very limited so visitors are advised to book early especially during the high seasons.

Accommodation are basic but your purpose of visiting the islands is for its nature which no luxury can replace. A night on the beach, by the sea with view of the open skies  would be a memorable experience.

Surin 3D2N Package

2 nights' stay including all transfers, meals and activities on the islands for visitors staying in Pang Nga, Phuket and  Khao Lak. available. 

Choice of a serene bungalow or tent by the beach. Dive in top snorkeling spots with pristine waters and walk on white-sand beaches. Sight dolphins, swim with turtles, visit and mingle with the Moken tribe, and savor authentic Thai cuisine amidst the breathtaking Mu Koh Surin National Park. 

Snorkeling equipment provided in package. Packages for 2 nights' stay all inclusive  starts from Baht7,850 per person. Discount for Equinox and Tourism-ID members available. Check availability and discount here.

Hotel stays in Phuket, Pang Nga and Khao Lak available too.

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Important points:

The park can be closed during high rainy seasons and annual maintenance closures vary from year to year. Sometimes the park may close earlier than the announced notice. Availability will be confirmed during your enquiry. Full refund when due to forced closures.

Nature is beautiful but unpredictable depending on different circumstances. The marine wildlife, bird and fauna mentioned might not be spotted during your visit. 

Local transportation insurance are included and covered by operator but all travellers are encourage to purchase travel insurance to avoid last minute delays and changes.

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