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Our Unique Platforms
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For corporate sectors
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For travel & tourism companies
For travel & tourism personnel

EQUATOR is a travel marketplace for 'CLOSED' user groups by different industries and business segments. Our platforms are not opened to the public. All users are qualified by our system and operation personnel before user IDs are issued. 

For platforms, data in king!

Congratulations, your hotel is currently promoted on our platforms but is supplied by a third party that you contract with. Vital hotel information are often lacking from B2B suppliers as their main focus is price. No platforms display the logo of hotels. Descriptions are often scripted and templated for all hotels, often significantly different from hotel's website. 


We are the only platform that features hotel's logos as we believe brand story starts from the logo. Descriptions on our platforms are word for word as the hotel's website to maintain the same brand story. 

We seek your input to help us sell better. View how your hotel is featured on our platforms versus hotels that contract with us.

Kindly spend a few minutes to provide us information about your hotel's location.

Your few minutes' input will meet the primary needs of millions of users on our platforms!

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How your hotel is featured on our platforms' search results when supplied by 3rd parties.

Data from 3rd parties: 1. Sometimes images are missing. Vicinity of the hotel are not available. Accommodation type (resort, service apartment etc) is not specified. Equator endeavours to update these data but will take time without input from hotels directly.
This is how your hotel could be displayed when supplied via 3rd party.
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Search results of hotels directly contracted with us.

Hotel's logo, name, full address and star ratings head the hotels list.
Key information: type of accommodation, vicinity of hotel, lead in room type and size, top range room type and size. One sentence highlight of hotel.

These information are used in additional search filters to support quick search. 
Listing of searched results - hotels that contract direct with us.
Quick overview of most important information, easier retention.
Vicinity of hotel (within 1km radius) is displayed when moused over.
Image by Jason Leung

What we display in a hotel's page

1. Description per hotel's website.
2. Useful information on vicinity, transport modes, medical, distance to points of interest.
3. USPs of the hotel.
4. Map view
5. Separate image/video libraries for public areas, rooms and F&B.
6. All room types and respective amenities.
7. F&B and banquets and meeting facilities, menus, capacity chart, floorplans.

Platform caters bookings for FITs and GITs/MICE and F&B reservations.

Ultra low booking fee of 5%, it's equivalent to hotels' extended website.

Extensive opportunities to upsell and cross sell.
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How we feature hotels

Location, Location, Location!

Over 40% of decisions in hotel bookings are based on location and its vicinity.

Please select the best descriptions of your hotel's vicinity within a one kilometer's radius in all directions.

Please also provide a hi-res logo of hotel.

Please tick all as appropriate of hotel's vicinity (1km radius):
Please select appropriate descriptions
Please selec appropriate descriptions
Please select appropriate descriptions
Upload File
Hotel's contact person
Liketo know more about our b2b platforms? Booking fees from 5%. Connect via channel managers. VCC payment to hotel.

Thanks so much for your input. You will get an email confirmation, please check your spam box too.

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