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A Group Enquiry Module for leisure groups and MICE.


Please get familiar with the fees involved with Connecting Pax, the group enquiry module and its general terms & conditions. If any other arrangements are not pre-negotiated, the following fees and terms & conditions apply.

Total contract value can include meeting, equipment, F&B, banquets and all other associated items.

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Participation fees of Connecting Pax

SGD120,00 per annum (always invited to bid if meets requirement)

*or local currency equivalent 

Collection & Payment Service

2% admin fee of total value is charged to buyer and seller each for currency exchange and payment gateway service.

Booking fees (confirmed bookings only)

Total value (in SGD* of group confirmed (signed contract)


and below

SGD10,001 - 


SGD25,001 and more

SGD50,001 and more

SGD100,001 and more

Total value (in SGD* of group confirmed (signed contract)






General Terms & Conditions

Enquiry Stage

1. During enquiry, we will provide profile of buyer and origin of business only to aid in our quotation.

2. Other details like type of enquiry, nature of group, decision dates etc are listed in the enquiry form.

3. Equator/Equinox does not mark up on the rates quoted by seller. It charges only an admin fee when the group is confirmed.

4. Equator/Equinox follows up with buyer after quotation until decision date and provides feedback to seller.

After Confirmation by Buyer

1. Buyer company name and contact details will be provided once buyer confirms booking.

2. Seller need to issue group contract and payment terms to buyer with copy to Travel Trade Marketplace (Equator/Equinox).

3. Buyer will pay direct to seller following signing of group contract.

4. Travel Trade Marketplace will invoice seller its fees after final payment by buyer.

5. Equator/Equniox will continue to support in any communication and liaison between buyer and seller as needed.

5. Final status of group will be updated in system and both buyer and seller informed,

Definitions of Group Enquiry Status in System

Sent and waiting for quote:





Enquiry has been sent to seller so that buyer is aware.

Seller's quotation has been sent to buyer so that seller is aware.

Buyer has signed group contract and completed payment (both parties are updated).

Buyer is no longer organsing the event (both parties are aware).

Buyer has selected any buyer, destination or service provider or no longer responding (seller and buyer are aware). Reason will be provided if available from buyer.

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